Name Surname Sort descending Year of study Areas of research Mail
Benoit Anne L3, M1

Algorithms, parallel algorithms, multi-criteria scheduling, resilience, energy optimization

anne [point] benoit [a] ens-lyon.fr
Bronzino Francesco L3, M1, Agregation

Networks, Systems, Performance Evaluation.

francesco [point] bronzino [a] ens-lyon.fr
Garivier Aurélien M2 aurelien [point] garivier [a] ens-lyon.fr
Hanrot Guillaume

Algorithmic number theory, computer algebra, arithmetic

guillaume [point] hanrot [a] ens-lyon.fr
Hirschkoff Daniel L3

Semantics of programming languages, concurrency theory

daniel [point] hirschkoff [a] ens-lyon.fr
Koiran Pascal L3, M1, M2, Agregation

Algebraic complexity, algebraic algorithms

pascal [point] koiran [a] ens-lyon.fr
Portier Natacha L3

Computational complexity

natacha [point] portier [a] ens-lyon.fr
Riba Colin M1, M2

Modal logic, game semantics and tree automata

colin [point] riba [a] ens-lyon.fr
Riccietti Elisa M1

Numerical optimization, machine learning

elisa [point] riccietti [a] ens-lyon.fr
Robert Yves L3

Algorithms and complexity, probabilities, parallel algorithms, scheduling, high-performance computing, resilience

yves [point] robert [a] inria.fr
Stehlé Damien M1

Cryptography, computer algebra, algorithmic number theory

damien [point] stehle [a] ens-lyon.fr
Thierry Eric L3, M1

Algorithms on graphs, partially ordered sets, discrete event systems

eric [point] thierry [a] ens-lyon.fr
Thomassé Stéphan M2

Tree decompositions, parameterized complexity

stephan [point] thomasse [a] ens-lyon.fr