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Nom Prénom Sort descending Section Fonction et responsabilités Domaines de recherche Mail
Benoit Anne L3, M1

Head of L3 year

Algorithms, parallel algorithms, multi-criteria scheduling, resilience, energy optimization

anne [point] benoit [a] ens-lyon.fr
Caron Eddy L3, M1

In charge of the LRP programme

Distributed systems, resource management (cloud, fog, etc.), workflow management, middleware

eddy [point] caron [a] ens-lyon.fr
Garivier Aurélien M2

Head of M2 year

aurelien [point] garivier [a] ens-lyon.fr
Hirschkoff Daniel L3

Head of M1 year

Semantics of programming languages, concurrency theory  

daniel [point] hirschkoff [a] ens-lyon.fr
Koiran Pascal L3, M1, M2, Agregation

In charge of the "Prépa Agrégation" program.

Algebraic complexity, algebraic algorithms

pascal [point] koiran [a] ens-lyon.fr
Tchana Alain L3, M2

Head of the Department

Systems (operating system, virtualization, networking)

alain [point] tchana [a] ens-lyon.fr
Thierry Eric L3, M1

Vice-header of the Department

Algorithms on graphs, partially ordered sets, discrete event systems

eric [point] thierry [a] ens-lyon.fr