The partnership between Hanoï and ENS de Lyon


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This partnership involves the Institute of Mathematics Hanoï of the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology on one side and the Computer Science Departement of ENS de Lyon and its laboratory, named LIP, on the other side.

Information for Vietnamese students willing to pursue a master degree in ENS de Lyon


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As part of its top-level academic education policy, ENS de Lyon reserves some seats for the participation of foreign students to its teaching program. The computer science departement entirely supports this policy and is seeking for outstanding international students willing to join its master program for the 1st year (M1) or for the second (and last) year (M2). It offers several scholarships (from 6 to 10 per year) entirely covering the fees of both studying at ENS and living in Lyon for the whole universitary year.

See the movie of international students at ENS de Lyon.

Students of Hanoi are strongly encouraged to apply. As an example, for the current year (2014-2015), 4 Vietnamese students follow the master program in computer science of ENS de Lyon, one at level M1 and 3 at level M2. They graduated from Hanoi University of Science and Technology (3) and Vietnam National University of Hanoi (1).

Master program of the computer science departement of ENS de Lyon


The formation of ENS de Lyon aims at providing its students with a strong background allowing them to occupy research positions, academic teaching positions and expert positions in companies. The master program of computer science pursue this goal by giving a broad and deep insight into key subjects at the foundation of computer science. It provides an ideal background to pursue a PhD degree in most of the subjects of computer science as well as a wide open-minded view directed toward the interactions with other disciplines such as mathematics, physics, social sciences, biology and others.

The master program lasts 2 academic years, from September to July. International students can join the program for the first year (M1) or for the second year (M2). All lectures are given in english. Both year includes a research internship, 3 months for the first year and 6 months for the second year, wich gives students a practical experience of research in a laboratory or a company. The second year of the program (M2) is a mainly “a la carte” program giving the opportunity to students to specialise into a restricted number of subjects focussed on their interests. This allows them to deepen their knowledge and prepare their internship and PhD in the best conditions for success.

Have a look at the program of the first year (M1) and second year (M2) in the following section and see the research topics developed by the teams of the LIP laboratory.

Département d'Informatique
1e semestre
2e semestre
Département d'Informatique

Scholarship programs for international students


The computer science departement leans on 4 dedicated scholarship programs to welcome international students for the first or second year of master. All the information on these programs and on how to apply can be found on the Scholarship for international students page of ENS de Lyon.

The programs are funded by the following institutions.

Application to INRIA and LIP scholarships is joint with the application to Ampere scholarship program, see application file.

Note that for all scolarship programs, you will have to provide a certificate of English language. Please check the exact level required in the Scholarship for international students page.

All foreign students willing to study in France have to go through the Campus France procedure. Be aware that even though acceptance to one of the above scholarship programs will greatly help to complete the procedure, you cannot avoid to follow all the steps of the Campus France procedure. Therefore, it is higly recommended that you register to Campus France as early as possible, check the details of the procedure and check the corresponding deadlines on the Campus France website and on the ENS de Lyon website.

The office of Campus France in Hanoi is located at “L’espace”, 24 Trang Tien street, Hoan Kiem district.

Partners and Sponsors




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